Your Ultimate Shield Against Telecom Frauds & Revenue Leakage

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where sophisticated fraudulent schemes continue to emerge, businesses and organizations require a Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance Solution to safeguard their financial stability and operational integrity. With PertSol's iAnalyze, your organization gains a powerful ally, equipped to proactively detect, deter, and defend against fraudulent activities that can compromise both your bottom line and customer trust. Our user-friendly, web-based platform combines cutting-edge technologies, including advanced analytics and real-time monitoring, to provide you with unparalleled insights into your operations. By seamlessly integrating into your existing systems, iAnalyze empowers you to not only secure your financial ecosystem but also optimize revenue streams, leaving no room for revenue leakage.

iAnalyze offers the flexibility of deployment as either a standalone solution for Revenue Assurance or Fraud Management, or as a comprehensive platform encompassing both Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance functionalities. When opting for a standalone deployment of iAnalyze RA or iAnalyze FM, transitioning seamlessly to the comprehensive iAnalyze Risk Management platform is effortless & ensures zero downtime. This transition involves adding specific modules for either Revenue Assurance or Fraud Management to the standalone deployment, with the added benefit of reusing 'common modules' in a fully integrated manner.

iAnalyze Use Cases

Subscription Fraud Detection

Identify and prevent the activation of fraudulent or unauthorized mobile subscriptions.

International Revenue Assurance

Ensure accurate billing & revenue collection for international roaming and long-distance calls.

SIM Box Fraud Detection

Detecting and mitigating SIM Box fraud, where fraudsters use illegal VoIP gateway to bypass international call charges.

Credit Card Fraud Detection
Credit Card

Monitor transactions in real-time to identify & prevent unauthorized or suspicious credit card activities.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Real-time Fraud Monitoring & Detection

The solution continuously monitors transactions, operations, and activities in real time to identify any suspicious patterns or anomalies that might indicate fraudulent behavior or revenue leakage.

Dynamic Menus and Views Configuration

The Solution provides a flexible analysis system that adapts menus, views, and setup based on roles and credentials, enabling personalized experiences and easy deployment.

Seamless Data Acquisitions and Controls

Our solution allows users to create and configure data acquisition rules and controls using a drag-and-drop & visualized builder. This means users can define or adjust rules without requiring extensive development of adapters or other complex technical processes.

Workflow Management and Control Execution

iAnalyze is fully automated and offers condition-based process flow(s) creation, editing, control, and execution, whether internal analysis tasks or surrounding legacy systems are in matter. Furthermore, it also includes the feature of the rollback configuration.

Shared Modules

iAnalyse is competent enough to gather data, manage controls, and handle ratings to alarms, cases, and analysis. It guarantees uniform data processing and dependable outcomes for tasks like Fraud Detection, Revenue Assurance, Business Assurance, and Risk Management.

Billing Control and Real-Time Rating

It is capable of managing and confirming legacy billing processes. It includes features for accurate and thorough control and validation of older billing systems. It also allows you to run real-time rating and post-paid billing alongside the existing processes.

Supports Phased Implementation

iAnalyse supports phased implementation and facilitates the reuse of shared components across the enterprise. These shared components include the Application Factory, jOctopus, and Telco-Centric ETL, allowing for efficient and effective deployment.

Alerts and Notifications

When potential fraud is detected, the system generates alerts and notifications to inform relevant personnel, enabling timely response and action. In addition, it covers multiple channels and devices to ensure comprehensive fraud detection.

Regulatory Compliance

The system assists in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing audit trails, reporting capabilities, and data retention mechanisms.

Dashboard and Reporting

iAnalyze offers a comprehensive dashboard. The dashboards can be customized by the user to visualize different reports. User can customize reports as per their requirement. The search result can also be saved in CSV, XLS, PDF or text file format.


iAnalyze Benefits
  • Revenue Control, Monitoring, and Protection
  • Parallel Billings & Rating- legacy verification included.
  • Industry-aligned Revenue Assurance
  • N-Tier component-based structure
  • Rule-based revenue leakage detection
  • Telco-centric ETL focused on telecom-specific data sources.
  • 100% web-based solution
  • Workflow driven full control of all processes executed in the system.


Major Telecom Frauds & Revenue Leakages

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