Unified Subscriber Information Management Solution

In an era defined by unparalleled connectivity demands, the efficient management of subscriber information is paramount. PertSol’s iHSS stands as the pinnacle of technological advancement, offering a comprehensive solution meticulously crafted to handle every facet of subscriber data, device profiles, and real-time state information.The Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is a crucial component in modern telecommunications, especially for mobile communication. It's essential for managing and verifying subscriber identities, guaranteeing secure access to network services. The HSS stores vital information like authentication data, subscriptions, and service profiles to ensure dependable and efficient user connectivity.

PertSol iHSS Serves as the primary subscriber database within the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) network, offering essential subscriber information to various entities interconnected within the network. This information includes user profiles, authentication credentials, subscription details, state information, and service-related data. It has been designed to cater to authentication, authorization, and mobility management functions for various networks, i.e., GSM, UMTS, LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IMS, Wi-Fi, and IoT.

Single Solution for Multiple Functions

iHSS is a one-stop solution which unifies multiple functions in them. It includes:
  • Home Location Register (HLR) for 2G & 3G network
  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for LTE and IMS network
  • Authentication Center (AuC) for 2G & 3G network
  • Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
  • Authentication Server Function (AUSF) for 5G network
  • Unified Data Management (UDM) for 5G network
  • Subscriber Location Function (SLF)

iHSS Use Cases

Subscriber Data Management
Subscriber Data Management

iHSS stores and manages subscriber-related information such as user profiles, authentication credentials, subscription plans, and service preferences. This data is essential for providing personalized services and ensuring seamless user experiences.

Authentication and Security
Authentication and Security

When a user initiates a connection to the network, iHSS verifies the user's identity through authentication mechanisms. This is critical for preventing unauthorized access to the network and protecting user data from malicious activities.

Subscriber Data Management
Session Management

iHSS assists in managing user sessions and mobility across different network nodes. This is particularly important in a 4G/5G environment where users may move between different cells or even different types of networks (e.g., from LTE to Wi-Fi).

Subscriber Data Management

In compliance with legal requirements, iHSS supports lawful intercept activities, allowing authorized law enforcement agencies to monitor and intercept communications as necessary.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Subscriber Data Management

We are currently seeking a highly motivated individual to fill an I.T. This position will provide remote and onsite hands-on support to staff, vendors, and customers as well as, proactively identify issues.

Authentication and Security

The Solution performs authentication and authorization of subscribers to ensure that only valid users can access the network. It uses various authentication mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Subscriber Identity Management

It manages unique subscriber identities and associated parameters, allowing for efficient tracking and management of subscribers as they move across different network locations.

Lawful Interception Support

iHSS provides the necessary mechanisms for lawful interception, allowing authorized authorities to intercept and monitor communications for law enforcement purposes.

Multiple Deployment Models

It can be deployed in various ways according to the customer’s needs and existing network architecture. It can be implemented in one or a combination of the following models: Cloud (Private or Public), Bare Metal/Appliance, and Network Function Virtualization.

Interworking Between Different Networks

Solution is capable of interworking between legacy, present-day, and future networks. It supports 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IMS, Wi-Fi, and IoT networks. Additionally, it can integrate with VLRs and MMEs implemented across GSM and LTE network operators.

Support International Standards

Supports all the latest international standards like 3GPP 29.228. 29.229; 3GPP2 TSG-X X.S0013-0060 v1.0 and TISPAN; ETSI TS183 033 and 3GPP 29.272.

Future Ready Solution

iHSS is 5G ready and is already compliant to 3GPP Release 15. It can be deployed as an Authentication Server Function (AUSF) and Unified Data Management (UDM) for 5G network.

Home Subscriber Server

iHSS Benefits
  • Solution for GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G, IMS, WiFi, and IoT Networks.
  • A unified solution for HSS, HLR, AuC, EIR, SLF, UDM, UDR, and AUSF.
  • Supports 4G-5G interworking with seamless data management & operation.
  • Allows open standard interfaces and integration.
  • Highly flexible, scalable, and supportive of business continuity and availability.
  • An affordable and cost-effective solution for MNOs and MVNOs.
  • Functionally modular & distributed architecture, adaptable to customer needs.
  • Unified convergence of subscriber information across access networks.
  • Compatible with multiple interworking protocols such as SS7, Diameter, RADIUS, and IT Protocols.
  • On-premise & On-cloud carrier-grade solutions supporting NFV, N+1 scalability, high availability, and geo-redundancy.

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