An Indigenous IPDR Management Solution for TSPs/ISPs

In the dynamic realm of modern connectivity, ensuring the security, efficiency, and insights of your network is paramount. Presenting PertSol’s iSecureHL is a fully automated solution engineered to revolutionize the way you collect, analyze, and manage IP logs. It is a web-based system that is capable of fetching data from various sources such as Internet Traffic, GTP traffic, CGNAT Logs, AAA logs, etc., and generates IPDRs that assist CSPs and LEAs in safeguarding the public against cybercrimes. iSecureHL incorporates a user-friendly and easy-to-use GUI-based operation which allows users to collect and store log files for compliance audits.

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined efficiency as you embark on a journey toward seamless network insights. iSecureHL is not just a tool, it's your strategic partner in decoding the intricate web of data traffic and translating it into actionable insights. Embrace a future where your network's potential is maximized, security is uncompromised, and insights drive your success.

Elevate your network management to unprecedented heights with our revolutionary IP Log Management Solution

The combined solution of iSecureHL and iNteliProbe from PertSol delivers unparalleled comprehensive monitoring capabilities. With the ability to simultaneously monitor both control plane and User plane Internet Traffic, it ensures comprehensive visibility into network activities. The solution supports the capturing of packets through interface cards that are compatible with 10G, 40G, and 100G interfaces, enabling efficient data collection. Additionally, it boasts advanced decoding capabilities, allowing for the analysis of captured traffic from layer 2 to layer 7. This integrated solution reduces operational expenses and enhances resource utilization throughout various services and networks through the centralization, automation, and streamlining of the management of complex IP environments.

Functional Architecture

Unveiling The Blueprint

iSecureHL Use Cases

Fraud Detection and Prevention
Fraud Detection and Prevention

Telecom providers can use IP Log Management to detect unusual or unauthorized activities. By analyzing IP logs, they can swiftly identify potential fraud instances, such as SIM card cloning or call hijacking, and take immediate action to safeguard their network and customers.

Cybercrime Investigation
Cybercrime Investigation

LEAs rely on IP Log Management to investigate cybercrimes. By analyzing IP logs, they trace digital footprints, pinpoint the origin of cyberattacks, and gather the evidence needed for effective prosecution.

Surveillance and Monitoring
Surveillance and Monitoring

LEAs use IPDR Management to monitor communication traffic, track suspicious behaviors, and ensure compliance with legal regulations. This tool aids in preventing criminal activities and safeguarding public safety.

Compliance and Auditing
Compliance and Auditing

Communication Service Providers must adhere to government regulations and data privacy standards. IP Log Management ensures accurate record-keeping of user interactions, enabling CSPs to demonstrate compliance during audits.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Log Collection

Collects IPDR logs from different sources, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices, to aggregate these logs and provide a comprehensive view of network activities.

Interoperability and Interfacing

It ensures smooth integration with global Network Element Providers, processing CDR records efficiently and supporting vital interfaces for seamless third-party system integration in the IPDR ecosystem.

Advanced Search Query

Offers search capabilities based on various parameters like MSISDN, IMEI, IMSI, Cell IDs, Translated IP, Translated Port, Destination IP, Destination Port, Date, and Time.

Remote Query Access for LEAs

Provides centralized management for LEAs to perform IPDR queries via methods like E-Warrant XML-based Interface, API Integration, iSecureHL GUI, CLI, SMS, and Email.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring IP addresses enables administrators to detect and track network activities and address modifications promptly.

File Management System

Advanced capabilities to protect and secure highly sensitive data. It also optimizes storage capacity, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.

Data Compression

Facilitates advanced compression techniques, including Field level deduplication, Pattern level deduplication, Algorithmic compression, and Byte level compression, to reduce IPDR storage size by a significant factor.

Reporting and Analysis

Allows gathering, organizing, and interpreting data to generate insights and information that can guide decision-making and provide a clear understanding of a specific situation, trend, or performance.

Safety & Security

Robust security protocols for privacy law compliance, using access controls, encryption, integrity checks, and audit trails to protect internal processes.

Customization and Filters

Different networks have different requirements. The system should offer customization options to tailor log collection, analysis, and reporting to specific network needs.

IP Log Management System

iSecureHL Key Differentiators
  • High-performance solutions capable of handling up to 300 Gbps of traffic per node & hundreds of Millions of Records per Instance.
  • iSecureHL is one of the few solutions available in the market capable of probing Layer 7 traffic in real time.
  • In premise secure IPDR data storage, customizable retention period as per client need with comparatively fast retrieval time.


Why Choose iSecureHL ?
2G, 3G, 4G, Packet Core Network, IGW, ISP Networks.
Systems supports upto 300 GBPS per node.
Seamless scalability to multiple petabytes to cater network requirements.
Time to
5 months (based on network dependencies).


IPDR Fields

iSecureHL is capable of delivering IPDRs in all the fields that are asked by regulators across the world. It provides more than 38+ IPDR fields and does not depend upon any third-party data sets to generate IPDRs. Some of the IP fields that it delivers are: -


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