Unparalleled accuracy and real-time precision in mobile location detection

PertSol iSMLC is a part of PertSol iLocator product suite which caters CSP’s location service requirements. iSMLC manages the overall coordination and scheduling of resources required for the accessing of the location of a UE (User Equipment) that is attached to RAN.

It calculates the final location of the subscribers along with their velocity estimates and determines the degree of uncertainty/error in the final location. iSMLC supports both UE based and Network Based positioning methods. It interacts with both UEs as well as BSC/RNC/MME to retrieve location information as required by UE, LCS client or Network Based positioning methods respectively. iSMLC either receives the location request from the UE, LCS client (in the case of mobile-initiated location requests) or relays the location requests to the UE (in the case of network-initiated location requests). However, the identification of this SMLC varies based on the operator's Radio Access Network (RAN) technology, like SMLC for 2G, SAS for 3G, E-SMLC for 4G, and LMF for 5G.

iSMLC along with iGMLC can fulfil complete location service requirement
of an operator across all technologies.

Functional Architecture

Unveiling The Blueprint

iSMLC Use Cases

Location-Based Marketing
Location-Based Marketing

Telecom providers can offer location-based advertising services to businesses, allowing them to target customers based on their physical location.

Fraud Detection and Prevention
Fraud Detection and Prevention

SMLC data can be used to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Unusual location changes or patterns can trigger alerts for potential SIM card cloning or fraudulent behavior.

Asset and Fleet Tracking
Asset and Fleet Tracking

Facilitates real-time tracking of vehicles, goods, and valuable assets, enhancing logistics and fleet management.

Location Verification Services
Location Verification Services

Validates the authenticity of the claimed location for various applications such as ride-sharing services and e-commerce deliveries.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Location Tracking

This SMLC Solution is competent enough to track the location of mobile devices within the cellular network in real-time. It receives location updates from mobile devices and maintains accurate records of their locations to enable location-based services and efficient call routing.

Support for Emergency Services

Our solution supports emergency services like Enhanced 911 (E911) and NS 911. It can quickly determine the location of a mobile device making an emergency call, allowing emergency responders to reach the caller's location more effectively.

Support for Different Positioning

The solution supports different positioning techniques based on the Cell ID, TA (Timing Advance), NMR (Network Measurements), RTT(Round Trip Time), E-OTD, OTDOA and others.

Geographical Area Services

The iSMLC supports various location-based services, such as location-based advertisements, weather alerts, nearby points of interest, navigation, social networking, and other location-specific information.

Integration with Network Elements

The Solution allows integration with network elements such as Base Station Controllers (BSC), Radio Network Controllers (RNC), and Mobility Management Entity (MME) from major Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) like Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, and ZTE.

Location-Based Services (LBS)

Many mobile applications and services utilize location information to provide personalized and relevant experiences to users. SMLCs enable these location-based services by offering applications accurate and real-time location data.

Intelligent Serving Mobile Location Centre

Value Propositions
  • Delivers highest degree of accuracy for identifying location across all environments ranging from densely populated urban areas to uninhabited rural areas.
  • Carrier grade solution which is capable of handling current’s as well as future’s high volume location service demand.
  • Support for Emergency Services (E 112, NS 911)
  • High performance architecture scaling from a few TPS to several hundred
  • Easy to deploy with flexibility of accommodating broad range of technologies and network
Intelligent Serving Mobile Location Centre

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