One Stop Lawful Interception Management System

In an era marked by dynamic communication technologies and evolving security challenges, staying ahead of the curve in ensuring public safety and upholding legal compliance is paramount. Introducing iNterceptor, a fully compliant lawful interception system that redefines the landscape of surveillance and information gathering. The core purpose of iNterceptor is to intercept the traffic and convert intercepted traffic into a format suitable for delivery to National Authorities or Law Enforcement agencies over a secure network. It can also retain the intercepted traffic for future use by the LEA's in compliance with international standards and has a proven track record. It is a complete solution that is capable of handling both circuit switch and packet switch traffic from both legacies as well as the latest telecom technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IMS, 5G Interception, NGN, PSTN, IPLC, IFMS, PS Interception, DPI Interception, OTT Interception, etc.

PertSol iNterceptor is an integrated and forward-looking solution primed for seamless integration with 5G technology. This advanced offering encompasses the prowess to engage in both Active and Passive interception methodologies.

PertSol iNterceptor Along With iNteliProbe

One of the Most Extensive Passive Interception Solution Available in the Market

The combination of iNterceptor and PertSol iNteliProbe offers a highly comprehensive interception solution, providing the capability to capture 100% of network traffic and decode it from layer 2 to layer 7. This solution enables the interception and storage of both non-encrypted IP and voice traffic, encompassing VoIP calls, TDM calls, and IP traffic reconstruction. The captured data can be transmitted to law enforcement agencies or stored for future use.

5G Ready Solution

Our solution's 5G readiness and compliance with 3GPP standards highlight its adaptability and capacity to fulfil interception system requirements in a wide range of 5G network scenarios. Whether operating independently in a standalone (SA) 5G environment or coexisting with existing 4G LTE infrastructure in non-standalone (NSA) scenarios, our solution is fully capable of fulfilling the necessary interception system requisites. This versatility ensures that our system can effectively navigate the complexities of different 5G deployment scenarios, providing reliable and compliant interception capabilities.

Functional Architecture

Unveiling The Blueprint

iNterceptor Use Cases

Criminal Investigation
Criminal Investigation

Law enforcement agencies can use iNterceptor Solution to gather evidence in criminal cases. This could include intercepting communication between suspects to track their activities, plans, and connections.

Counterterrorism Efforts
Counterterrorism Efforts

Our solution plays a crucial role in tracking and preventing terrorist activities by monitoring communications among suspected individuals or groups involved in such activities.

Financial Fraud Prevention
Financial Fraud Prevention

Lawful Interception aids in tracking and preventing financial crimes such as money laundering, fraud, and economic offenses.

Legal Compliance

CSPs ensure Lawful Interception to comply with government regulations and court orders, providing authorities with the required data for investigations.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
High-Performance Mediation

iNterceptor is capable of handling networks with high throughput requirements. It can handle multiple 100 Gbps links and select required traffic from them. It has been tested & implemented for traffic up to 40 Gbps per probe.

Integrity Check Mechanism

The integrity check system periodically reviews network elements, rectifying errors when necessary. It verifies intercept placements by querying elements, adding or removing as needed. This safeguards against network flaws and tampering with interception solutions.

Extensive Interface Adapters

The Solution has a vast range of Input/Output adapters, making it compatible with all the available access technologies and network equipment of all the major equipment providers.

Real-time Monitoring

The solution often provides real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing authorized personnel to listen to live conversations or monitor ongoing communication activities as they occur.

Security and Privacy Measures

This VoLTE Interception takes robust security measures to protect intercepted data from unauthorized access and safeguard the privacy of individuals not subject to interception.

Data Collection

Lawful Interception systems collect various types of communication data, including voice calls, text messages, emails, and internet traffic. The solution is designed to capture and store this data for further analysis.

Data Decoding

It can decode intercepted traffic from lower network layers (e.g., layer 2) up to higher application layers (e.g., layer 7), making the intercepted data readable and actionable.

Interception of Multiple Communication Types

iNterceptor can capture data from various communication channels, including landline and mobile phone calls, internet traffic, VoIP calls, instant messages, and more.

Enforcement & Compliance

The Lawful Interception Solution is a unified solution for all interception requirements of a service provider compliant with international standards like 3GPP, ETSI, ATSI, ANSI, CALEA, and others.

Monitoring Center & Analytics Capabilities

iNterceptor integrates seamless monitoring & robust enalytics for comprehensive lawful interception, which enables authorities to extract valuable insights from intercepted data, facilitating swift end informed decision-making for heightened security measures.



European Telecommunications Standards Institute


Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act


3rd Generation Partnership Project


American National Standards Institute


Telecommunication Engineering Center


Why Choose iNterceptor ?
2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, S8HR, IMS, PSTN, ISP, IGW, ILD, IFMS etc for telecom networks.
Systems supports upto 10000 concurrent interception per node.
Highly scalable solution extendable to support custom defined concurrent sessions.
Time to
5 months (augment based on network dependencies).

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