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Mass Alert & Messaging System

Natural disasters like earthquake, floods, cyclones and landslides threaten societies everywhere in the world. In many cases disaster survivability is largely dependent on a combination of several factors, including early warning or notification and the ability to find a safe haven.

Since time is the most critical factor, early disaster warning systems substantially help people to seek shelter and move out of harm’s way.

PertSol has addressed this need with a highly accurate Location-based Service for mass communication that can improve disaster survivability by warning people in the proximity of a disaster impact zone via alert messages/call/CBC in real time.


iAlert is an intelligent, smart and state of the art Mass Communication and Alerting platform designed by PertSol to disseminate timely and meaningful warning information about impending disasters to people in the area of the calamity via messages, voice calls, public address systems or cell broadcast.

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Solution Benefits
Real Time Alerts
Mass Message and information Distribution
Geo-fenced Alerts
Increased survival rate
Unified Multi-Channel notification
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