Public Warning & Mass Notification System

In critical emergencies where lives are on the line, ensuring people's safety demands more than a text message. To amplify the scope and effectiveness of alerts and communications, PertSol offers versatile software tailored to effectively meet the requirements of public alert and emergency response teams.

PertSol iAlert is a unified mass notification system that disseminates vital information and alerts during emergencies to masses in real-time through multiple communication channels such as SMS, SMS-CB, voice call, TV/ Radio, social media, siren, VMS & more. With the rising demand for modern emergency software and ongoing tech advancements, our robust solution boasts a proven track record of compatibility with all integrating systems. It has been designed to address the requirements of the Nations, Disaster Management Teams, Law Enforcement Agencies, and alike.

A Complete Public Alerting System

Our Public Alert & Warning System has both Group Messaging and Location Based Alert functionalities which means it is capable of sending:

Send alerts to a predetermined set of phone numbers or groups. It is capable of sending Multi-Lingual Alerts through multiple communication channels such as SMS, SMS-CB, Voice Call, Social Media Platforms as well as media broadcast stations.


Send alerts to all the mobile subscribers present inside a Geo-Fenced area based on their real-time location. It supports sending alerts to both national subscribers and international roamers. iAlert is independent of the mobile handset, i.e., it supports both smartphones & feature phones/non-smartphones)

Functional Architecture

Unveiling The Blueprint

iAlert Use Cases

Severe Weather Warnings
Severe Weather Warnings

During severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes or flash floods, the system can send location-specific alerts advising individuals to take cover, move to higher ground, or evacuate. This ensures that people receive timely warnings to protect themselves and their families.

Terrorist Threats
Terrorist Threats

In response to credible terrorist threats, the system can deliver location-specific information to potentially affected areas, advising residents and businesses on safety protocols and potential security measures.

Search and Rescue Operations
Search and Rescue Operations

When an individual goes missing or is lost in a remote area, the system can broadcast location-specific alerts to nearby residents, hikers, or campers. This mobilizes a community response and increases the chances of a successful search and rescue operation.

Chemical Spills or Gas Leaks
Chemical Spills or Gas Leaks

In the event of a chemical spill or gas leak, the system can alert residents in the affected area to take immediate precautions, such as evacuating or sealing their homes, to avoid exposure and potential harm.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Multi-Channel Communication

iAlert employs multiple communication channels to reach the widest audience possible. These channels include SMS, SMS-CB, voice call, TV/ Radio, social media, siren, VMS & more.

Multi-Language Support

Our Solution is capable of delivering alerts in multiple languages to ensure that diverse communities receive essential information in a format they can understand.

Geo Targeted Alerts

The system can target specific geographic areas, from small neighbourhoods to entire regions, allowing authorities to deliver alerts only to the populations directly affected by an incident.

Subscriber Segregation

The Public Alerting Solution can automatically segregate fixed-line and mobile subscribers to ensure that alerts are communicated in the best possible medium.

Rapid Alert Delivery

One of the primary purposes of iAlert is to deliver alerts quickly. The system is able to send messages in real time or with minimal delay to ensure that recipients receive critical information promptly.

CAP Compliant

It fully adheres to the CAP stack, enabling seamless communication with diverse nodes for alert dissemination. It also offers CAP-based integration with both Radio Networks & Television Networks.

Compliance with Regulations

The system adheres to relevant regulations and standards established by national and international bodies to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

Integration with Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)

Integration with the WEA system allows alerts to be sent to all compatible mobile devices in a designated area, even if users haven't opted to receive alerts.

Load Balancing & Message Priority

iAlert has an in-built load balancing capability which helps in detecting network congestion and seamlessly switching to alternate networks for message delivery. It auto-selects the next available SMSC for SMS and PRI/SIP Trunk for voice.

Privacy and Security

iAlert keeps data securely and doesn’t share the subscriber data with any system user. The system only receives requests from the central node and sends alerts and responses based on the request.

Mass Notification Software

iAlert Benefits
  • Rapid Information Dissemination
  • Reducing Emergency Response Time
  • Geographically Targeted Messaging
  • Crisis Communication Planning
  • Reach Million in seconds
  • Enhance Public Safety
  • Real-Time Updates


Why Choose iAlert ?
Wireline, wireless (GSM, CDMA, LTE, WiMAX), broadband xDSL, IP networks.
Systems supports upto 1million concurrent SMS and Voice Alerts.
Highly scalable solutions. Support multi-channel alerts on a country/geo fence location level.
Time to
4 months (augment based on network dependencies).

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