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Health Care Management (iHMS)

PertSol’s iHMS is an innovative and comprehensive Hospital Management System for automating and integrating various aspects to offer a unified view with a 360 degree monitoring capability.

Our intelligent software can be integrated and customized for any hospital or health care institution’s existing or future hospital management systems hence offering increase in hospital’s efficiency.

iHMS is designed to enable you with efficient decision making, planning and management of all health facilities and health care organizations while providing best in class patient care. Our Platform offers a state of art software technology with integrated features like, Hospital Automation, Patient Registration and Management, Telemedicine, Inventory management, Billing, Analytics and Reporting that can contribute to provide better medical services.

Whether it is a privately-owned or government hospital, nursing home, long-term care facility in a single or across multiple locations or various national health programmes, our iHMS is suited for all variations of a hospital’s setting.
Our Unique Offering
Unique capabilities for integration with State Ambulance Services - Dial 102/108 to provide quicker service at time of emergency
Supports integration with Ayushman Bharat Scheme, world's largest government-funded healthcare scheme aimed to cover around 50 crore rural population
Patient Registration and Management
Inventory Management
Hospital Automation
Analytics and Reporting

Our iHMS solution aims to reach out to the most remote location to provide efficient medical care.

For example, our Telemedicine module offers remote delivery of healthcare services including but not limited to health diagnosis or consultations and treatments, over the telecommunications infrastructure such a video conferencing and smartphones, without the need for an in-person visit.

The real-time data simulation on daily activities are captured and review opportunities are provided to the users of the system thus helping hospitals to visualize and efficiently use their resources like, bed, wards, doctors, OT etc.

With minimum human intervention, the scope of error is reduced dramatically and it’s very easy to detect inventory frauds. Further, since the inventory module is spread across the entire hospital including pharmacies, OT and wards, it provides single view ensuring inventory is always available and well managed.

Automation allows all departments in the hospitals to stay inter-connected which allows for faster information access and seamless flow of information between departments resulting in better coordination. Thus helping in providing better service to the patients.

Historical data along with current information can help alert authorities about onset of any epidemics like dengue etc thus allowing to take corrective action in time to prevent outburst.

Why Choose PertSol iHMS
Usability & User-Friendly

Simplified, intuitive and one click access to the complete hospital management solution manageable across all platforms

Improved Decision Making

Accurate, fast and efficient decision making facilitated via single view data points for the doctors and medical support staff.


Cross across boundaries and geographies to reach the remotest locations as a part of your hospital setup.

Reduced Operational Cost

One view of the entire revenue stream enables fast and accurate reports that improve operational efficiency while reducing operating costs.


100% accuracy achieved via a self-sufficient and full-fledged software implementation.

Module Based Approach

Pick and choose the modules to enjoy a tailor made solution to help you deal with primary issues.

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