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Location-based Mass Alert & Messaging Platform – PertSol iAlert

Location based Mass Alerting & Messaging Platfrom

PertSol iAlert is an intelligent and state of the art Location-based mass communication and alerting platform that disseminates timely and meaningful warning information about impending disasters to people in the area of the calamity via  messages, voice calls, public address systems, cell broadcast, social media, TV, Radio, etc. It can drastically improve disaster survivability by supplying information in nick of time to people who are in the disaster impact zone. It can be used in areas which are impacted by regular floods, earthquakes or other natural calamities. It is an intelligent and highly scalable solution that finds its use in area of Mass Citizen Alert in case of Disasters, Disaster Warning, Rumour mongering aversion, pre-warning, emergency warning, post-event coordination.

It is a highly scalable solution that finds its use in area of Mass Citizen Alert in case of Disaster/Emergency Warning, Rumour mongering aversion, or Post Disaster Public Interest Information (like helpline number, nearest shelter etc.).

iAlert is a complete Warning and Alerting Solution which has both Group Messaging and Location Based Alert functionalities, which means that iAlert is capable of sending:

• alerts to pre-defined groups of numbers of first responders and officials of State Government departments who play important role in mitigating the risk

• or directly to population based on the area selected by the operator

iAlert – Group Messaging

iAlert Group Messaging is a module of iAlert using which operators can send alerts in form of text or voice messages, via cell phone networks, to first responders and senior government functionaries responsible for disaster management in an emergency or disaster situation. These messages can also be shared with Radio and TV Broadcast stations which will then broadcast the said warnings on the Radio and TV.

In addition to SMS and voice messages, it can also send alerts on Social Media pages of the authorities, government’s mobile APP and can also integrate with third party Siren/PA System and Strobe lights in case of emergency.

iAlert – Location Based Alert System (LBAS)

iAlert – LBAS allows sending alerts/warning through text messages (SMS) or Cell Broadcast (CBC) to all mobile subscribers who are present in an area which is to be affected by a disaster. The operator can select the vulnerable area by drawing polygon of that particular area through a GIS map. iAlert – LBAS covers all the subscribers that are present in that selected area be that national subscriber or international roamer.

iAlert integrates with Telecom Service Providers’ networks to profile subscribers based on their locations, vicinity, roaming, localities by and provides real time location of caller to ensure a quick response time hence improving public safety. iAlert employs multiple non-intrusive methods to capture information about citizens and roamers from telecom operator’s network. However the subscribers’ data, at any point of time, will not go outside the respective Telecom network.

For sending location based Alerts using SMS, Voice call or CBC, we can either integrate directly with TSPs’ CAP compliant LBAS or we can install our LBAS at TSPs’ premises.

Key Features
Large volume SMS alerts
Multi-lingual Messages
Voice based alerts
Text to voice conversion
Group based alert
Hotspot detection
Population count and response measurement on alert
Extensive reporting
Tracking and identifying people in need of help
Integration with third party public warning systems
With iAlert you will experience a series of benefits:
  • Allows to communicate with Victims and Citizens at all times of the event occurrence - Before the event, when event happens and post event.
  • Specifically designed to ensure privacy of the people, while providing proper interface and integration for the concerned entities to reach out to the masses.
  • Capability to handle multi-channel and multi-lingual alerts simultaneous
  • Large volume SMS alerts – Upto 1000 SMS/sec per instance or more
  • Ease of subscriber data management and registration (Web & IVR)
  • The implementation requires minimal changes on the Telecom Service Providers end
  • Optimized for slower Networks and trigger alerts thru IVR also
  • Provides capability to send and receive location based alerts through smart phone apps
  • Easy process to send Alerts with just few clicks
  • Provides integration with 3rd party solutions and social networks etc
  • User/Role based configuration available to administer control.
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