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Location Based System – PertSol iLocator

PertSol provides a powerful positioning platform which delivers highly accurate mobile location information and enables service providers in providing location based services to their subscribers. It calculates highly accurate location information to help telecom operators fulfil their location requirements like fulfilling Government regulations, complying with LEAs request for location tracking, sharing precise location of victims to emergency service providers or for commercial location based applications.

Our LBS product suite includes both GMLC and SMLC for all network types – CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G and future technologies. We can provide GMLC/SMLC in standalone model, which can interconnect with third party GMLC/SMLC, or it can be delivered as a complete positioning solution.

  • Multiple Positioning Techniques – Our System supports various positioning techniques to calculate the location data – Cell ID & Timing Advance Location for 2G network, A-GPS, OTDOA, CID+RTT for 3G and A-GNSS, ECID for 4G
  • Location Accuracy – Our system is capable of providing location accuracy as per the requirement of the application – from 50 meter to 5 meter
  • Scalable – Our platform can meet current and future needs – from 2G to LTE, from 2 TPS to more than 2,000 TPS, from 112/911 through NENA
  • Integration with Network Elements – Platform integration with SMSC, USSD, MMSC, charging systems (including Diameter), provisioning systems and CRM
  • Integration with OSS/BSS – Fully developed APIs to integrate with OSS/BSS systems
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