AI-ML Based Location Intelligence Platform

Revolutionizing Data Insights with Location Intelligence

In the era of rapid urbanization, technological advancements, and an ever-growing volume of data, effective and efficient location intelligence has become the most crucial aspect. Traditional methods of managing and analyzing location-based information are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of a dynamic and interconnected world. This is where the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into Location Intelligence Platforms (LIPs) emerges as a transformative solution.

PertSol AI-ML Based Location Intelligence Platform addresses this challenge by leveraging machine learning algorithms and data analytics to process, analyze, and interpret geospatial information. It enhances the accuracy and speed of decision-making and uncovers intricate patterns and trends that would be otherwise elusive. The solution is capable of gathering and analyzing large amounts of real-time data, such as user movement patterns, traffic flow, and foot traffic, to identify trends and patterns to generate insightful and actionable intelligence. The system is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, enabling more efficient and accurate target location compared to other analytics solutions.

Solution Use Cases

Crime Prediction and Prevention
Crime Prediction and Prevention

The solution utilizes historical crime data and machine learning algorithms to predict potential crime hotspots. It provides law enforcement agencies with actionable insights to allocate resources effectively for proactive policing in high-risk areas.

Counterterrorism Operations
Counterterrorism Operations

Enhance counterterrorism efforts by using the platform to monitor and analyze the movements and activities of individuals associated with potential threats, aiding in the identification of suspicious behavior.

Advanced Digital Forensics
Advanced Digital Forensics

Leverages AI-based Location Intelligence to strengthen cyber investigations by analyzing geospatial data, tracing digital evidence, and enhancing incident response.

Emergency Response & Disaster Management
Emergency Response & Disaster Management

The solution provides coordinating emergency response efforts by providing real-time information on the location and severity of incidents. It optimizes resource allocation during natural disasters, accidents, or other emergency situations.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Real-time Data Processing

It has the capability to process and analyze real-time location data to provide up-to-date and dynamic insights.


Geofencing capabilities define virtual boundaries and trigger actions or alerts when a target or asset enters or exits a specific location. It allows to create a Geo fenced area group.

Alerts and Notifications

Automated alerting and notification systems to inform authorizedpersonnel of specific events or changes in location data based on customizable rule sets.

AI Bot Assistant

The solution provides AI Chatbot assistance for personalized support, improving LEA’s interactions, and optimizing operational efficiency to provide historic and futuristic insights.

Location Pattern Analysis

The solution allows the analysis of location pattern data to identify long-term trends and patterns. It provides insights for strategic planning and forecasting.

Hotspot Analysis

It leverages AI to identify concentrated areas of activity in geospatial data, aiding targeted decision-making and strategic planning based on location-specific trends.

Target/Suspect Profiling

It employs AI and geospatial data to create detailed profiles, assisting in identifying patterns and potential risks for informed decision-making in law enforcement or business contexts.

Geospatial Data Integration

The solution is integrated with various geospatial data sources, including GPS data, CSP datasets, GIS databases, MNP database, and other location-based datasets.

AI-Based Location Intelligence Platform

Competitive Benefits
  • Advanced Algorithm
  • Flexible Integration
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Near-real time monitoring
  • Compliance and Security
AI-Based Location Intelligence Platform

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