PertSol iSecureHL

An Efficient Mass Metadata Interception & Analytics System

As digital threats continue to evolve and grow in sophistication, an effective Mass Metadata Interception & Analytics System is a must for enhancing the capabilities of homeland security. PertSol iSecureHL is a real-time monitoring and advanced analytics platform designed to systematically collect, store, and retrieve vast amounts of network data, including information on IP addresses, user activities, and digital footprints. By harnessing our analytics tools, security professionals can detect patterns indicative of cyber threats, anticipate anomalies, and respond swiftly to potential incidents. This proactive approach is essential for safeguarding critical infrastructure, sensitive information, national security concerns, etc.

Implementing an Mass Metadata Interception & Analytics System is not merely a technological enhancement but a strategic imperative for homeland security. The solution enhances investigative capabilities and enables proactive measures to mitigate cyber threats before they escalate. It empowers security agencies with the utilities and intelligence needed to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries, fortifying the nation's defenses against evolving cyber threats. This comprehensive analytic system solution is tailored to the unique needs of law enforcement agencies, like digital footprint analysis, cyber threat detection, investigative support, compliance, and legal requirements.Moreover, the platform is designed to handle large volumes of data, scaling seamlessly into the range of 10’s of petabytes, ensuring the effective processing and analysis of extensive information for heightened security measures.

Functional Architecture

Unveiling The Blueprint

Solution Use Cases

Threat Detection and Prevention
Threat Detection and Prevention

The platform can analyze IP logs in real time, detecting unusual behaviors that may indicate a digital threat. It helps security professionals identify and neutralize potential attacks before they escalate.

Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring

IP log analytics provide real-time visibility into network activities, allowing security teams to monitor live traffic, identify potential threats, and respond promptly to security incidents.

Forensic Analysis

In the event of a security incident, IP log management allows security analysts to conduct forensic analysis. Examining IP logs helps reconstruct the sequence of events, understand the scope of the incident, and identify the source of the attack.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Homeland Security agencies are often subject to strict regulations and compliance standards. IP log management ensures that the organization meets these requirements by providing detailed records of network activities, which can be crucial for audits and compliance assessments.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
DPI based IPDR fields Generation

The solution is equipped with DPI-based Passive Probes (PertSol InteliProbe), offering comprehensive IP traffic monitoringfor layer 2 to 7 to generate IPDR fields.

Real-time Log Collection

The solution continuously collects large volumes of EDR/NAT/AAA logs in real-time from varied sources, providing insights into packet data activities across networks. Benchmarked up to 1 TBPS log management per front-end site.

Role-Based Access Control

The solution empowers users with the ability to manage and retrieve sensitive log data, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view and analyze specific information.

Flexible Deployment

The solution employs platform agnostic efficient installation and integration of the IP log management and analytics system into the existingIT infrastructure of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), ensuring user-friendly setup and operational cohesion.

Efficient and optimized storage

The solution is capable of minimizing resource usage and employing proprietarytechniques and advanced algorithms for streamlined data operations andoptimizing storage.

Interoperability with Network Elements

The solution seamlessly integrates and operates with network elements from all the leading Network Element Providers, such as Nokia, Ericsson, Cisco, Brocade, Alcatel Lucent, ZTE, Huawei, Samsung, Mavenir, Juniper, etc.

User-Friendly GUI

The solution streamlines log analysis and management for Law Enforcement Agencies with an intuitive interface, facilitating efficient system management through visual data representation and streamlined workflows.

Alerting and Notification

Customizable alerting mechanisms for immediate notification of security incidents, allowing security teams to prioritize and respond to threats based on severity levels.


This is a highly scalable system that can expand horizontally and vertically to cater to the increased capacity or system load with minimal interaction.

AI-ML based Advance Meta-Data Analytics for Actionable Intelligence

This feature empowers the system to extract actionable insights from diverse log data, enhancing the system's ability to swiftly detect and respond to security threats for national and homeland security. This includes various analytics tools like Link Analytics, Trend Analytics, Pattern Identification, Voice Call Tracker, Profile Manager, and Location Mapper.

Mass Metadata Interception & Analytics System

Highlighted Benefits
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Layer 2 to 7 Metadata Generation and Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics and Pattern Recognition
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Cloud-Native as well as Cloud-Ready Solution

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