PertSol iNterceptor

A Comprehensive Interception & Analytic Platform

With the rapid evolution of technology and the pervasive use of communication, the demand for robust and effective Target Based Interception & Monitoring System has become paramount. As the volume and complexity of communication means continue to expand, law enforcement agencies, intelligence organizations, and security entities face unprecedented challenges in monitoring and intercepting communications of interest. The need for a sophisticated and adaptable solution has emerged as a critical requirement to ensure national security, counter-terrorism, prevention of criminal activities, and safeguarding of public interests.

PertSol Target-Based Interception & Monitoring System plays a pivotal role in addressing these challenges by providing a comprehensive framework for the interception analysis and monitoring of communications across various technologies. The solution is designed to enhance surveillance capabilities for multiple purposes, including security, law enforcement, and intelligence gathering. The system employs advanced technologies to intercept and monitor communications, track targets, and offer extensive analytics on the intercepted traffic. It is compatible with the complete Telecom Network Ecosystem, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IMS, PSTN, ILD, ISD, IFMS, etc. It also supports all Network Equipment Providers(NEPs) like Nokia, Ericsson, Cisco, Brocade, Alcatel Lucent, ZTE, Huawei, Samsung, Mavenir, Juniper, Comverse, Arris, Nortel, Open wave, and many more.

The system supports both active and passive interception mechanisms. The active interception is based on the ETSI-defined standards, whereas the passive interception uses our propriety network probes, which tap the traffic links and channels in the network and extract essential information for interception. Furthermore, the solution provides advanced analytics tools, such as the IRI/CC correlator, voice analytics, voice playback, location manager, target GEO- fencing, speech identifier, and new target provisioning based on speaker identification, enabling the anticipation of target movements and many more.

Functional Architecture

Unveiling The Blueprint

Solution Use Cases

Communication Monitoring
Communication Monitoring

The solution aids law enforcement agencies in tracking and intercepting communication channels related to criminal activities, providing critical evidence for investigations.

Threat Identification
Threat Identification

The system plays a pivotal role in identifying and monitoring potential security threats by intercepting and analyzing communication channels.

Malicious Activity Monitoring
Malicious Activity Monitoring

This Target-Based Interception & Monitoring solution aids in monitoring communication channels for potential cyber threats, contributing to the early detection and mitigation of cyberattacks.

Foreign Intelligence Gathering
Foreign Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence agencies can leverage the system for intercepting and monitoring foreign communication channels, aiding in the collection of valuable intelligence for national security.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Real-Time Intercept

The system can intercept and monitor various communication channels in real-time, including voice calls, text messages, and data transmissions.

Multi-Channel Support

Capable of monitoring multiple communication channels simultaneously to ensure comprehensive coverage.

GPS Integration

Utilizes GPS technology to track the geographical location of targets, providing accurate and real-time positioning.

Data Storage

Securely stored data for later analysis, ensuring compliance with legal and privacy regulations.

Speech Recognition

The solution offersreal-time speech recognition to enhance communication interception capabilities for comprehensive monitoring and actionable intelligence extraction.

Intuitive Dashboard

Features a user-friendly interface with a customizable dashboard, allowing operators to manage and visualize intercepted data easily.

Advanced Analytics

The solution provides advanced analytics tools like IRI/CC correlator, voice analytics, voice playback, location manager, target geofencing, speech identifier, and others to anticipate target movements and behavior.

Alerts and Notifications

The solution provides real-time alerts and notifications for specific events or triggers, enhancing situational awareness.


Implements robust encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality of intercepted data and protect against unauthorized access.

Regulatory Compliance

Adheres to legal and regulatory frameworks governing surveillance activities to maintain ethical standards.

Target Based Interception & Monitoring System

Highlighted Benefits
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • National Security
  • Law Enforcement & Investigation
  • Preventing Illegal Activities
  • Counter Terrorism
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