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IP Log Management – PertSol iSecureHL - IP Log Management

PertSol iSecureHL is a fully automated and comprehensive monitoring solution for data traffic that offers consistent and high quality IP Logs across your network domains. It helps telecom service providers and LEAs in protecting the public against cybercrimes by providing IPDRs with various fields as mandated by rules and regulations of that country.

iSecureHL collects, stores, correlates and transforms large volume of event logs (network and security). The log information can be stored or can be presented in real time for investigation. iSecureHL uses various compression techniques to make sure the IPDRs, which are stored for a specified duration, take up the minimum possible storage space. The access is made available for users/LEAs to extract IPDRs based on various search terms like Public IP and/or PortID, MSISDN/IMSI/IMEI, date and time, destination IP Address or even a combination of above search terms.

Our solution provides seamless visibility to sessions and transactions with correlation of IP and SS7. The iSecureHL Data Retention solution incorporates a professional highly specialized Extract Transform Load (ETL) component that enables to design the data-flow via non-technical and business-oriented graphical views for lawful data traffic interception, hence providing a user friendly web interface for TSPs.

  • Log Collection – It collects log information from CGNAT, NAT devices, Packet core network, DNS and FTP/SFTP servers. It uses log collection modes like syslog, security syslog, jdbc, heartbeat, dataflow, RADIUS, netflow, FTP dynamic/static file and SFTP.
  • Web Based GUI – It has a web based GUI which is user friendly and easy to use which can be accessed by both system user and LEAs to get the required IPDR information like MSISDN, IMEI, Public/Private IP Address, Duration etc.
  • Security – All internal workflows are protected by a number of state-of the-art security measures to assure compliance to privacy laws by means of access control, encryption, integrity checks, and full audit trails.
  • Authority Management – The Management console allows the configuration of legal bodies from which RD- requests may be received and results delivered. Separation of data for different legal bodies is implemented throughout the console preventing access of a user to data for which he/she is not authorized.
  • Advanced Search – It allows user to search using various fields like Public/Private IP, Public/Private Port ID, MSISDN, MAC ID, IMSI, NAT Start Time, NAT End Time etc.
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