Unparalleled accuracy and real-time precision in mobile location detection

Over the past several years, mobile devices have incorporated a range of location-tracking technologies, including Satellite-based GPS (Global Positioning System), A-GPS, NAVIK, and others, utilizing Cellular ID (CID) to monitor device locations. However, each of these methods presents its own set of limitations in terms of tracking accuracy. Furthermore, a considerable number of Communication and Telecom Service Providers have not fully met the LCS requirements stipulated by Government Regulators for emergency services. Additionally, they have yet to fully tap into the immense potential of location services for various commercial applications. In order to address these constraints and unleash the untapped capabilities of location services, PertSol introduces its Intelligent Gateway Mobile Location Center (iGMLC).

PertSol's iGMLC is an integral part of our complete location-based solution. It defines the precise mapping of received coordinates (latitude and longitude) into a standardized universal format, associating them with specific geographical areas, and sharing this information back to the requesting services.

The solution serves as the first point of contact for external Location Client Services (LCS) in a Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN), facilitating a complex yet efficient process that begins with receiving location requests and ends with the delivery of precise location information. It also has an in-built Location Retrieval Function (LRF) responsible for retrieval and validating location data. It also provides routing and/or correlation information of a User Equipment (UE) that has initiated an IMS Emergency session. Presently, iGMLC is compatible with location-based services across GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE Interception (4G) networks, and 5G network support. iGMLC aligns with 3GPP as well as OMA standards for Location-based services.

Functional Architecture

Unveiling The Blueprint

iGMLC Use Cases

Asset Tracking

Enabling businesses to track and manage their assets efficiently by using location-based services, which is particularly beneficial in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Fleet Management

Telecom services can assist in real-time tracking and management of fleets for logistics companies, helping optimize routes, monitor vehicle status, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Location-Based Marketing
Location-Based Marketing

Telecom providers can offer location-based advertising services to businesses, allowing them to target customers based on their physical location.

Network Optimization
Network Optimization

The GMLC can assist in optimizing network performance by identifying areas with high user density and network congestion.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Interworking with External LCS Clients

iGMLC supports interworking with commercial and emergency services to provide the target's location. This advanced system supports standard mobile location platform (MLP) API for integration with third-party LCS clients/applications.

Support Working with Core Network Elements

This Gateway Mobile Location Centre supports integration with different core network elements for (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G) networks of all the significant NEPs like Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE, and others.

Emergency Services Support

One of the critical functions of the GMLC is to provide accurate location information during emergency calls (like 911 or 112). This enables emergency responders to quickly locate the caller, even if they cannot provide their exact location.

Location Calculation

The GMLC is responsible for calculating the geographic location of mobile devices based on various data sources such as cell tower triangulation, GPS, Wi-Fi positioning, and more. It processes the signals received from these sources to pinpoint the device's location.

Interworking with Peer GMLC

iGMLC allows seamless integration with GMLCs from various vendors over the LR interface. This capability enables iGMLC to obtain the location of out roamers.

SS7 & DIAMETER Support

Our Solution demonstrates versatility in supporting different network deployments. For 2G/3G environments, it accommodates the SS7 protocol, while for LTE deployments, it seamlessly integrates with the DIAMETER protocol.

Billing Information Collection

It can efficiently gather and relay all pertinent information concerning location attempts made by User Equipments (UEs). It ensures precise and reliable location-based services, enabling seamless operations and enhanced user experiences.

Subscriber Privacy Management

The solution often incorporates privacy mechanisms to ensure that location information is only provided to authorized entities. This includes obtaining consent from the subscriber and adhering to data protection regulations.

Intelligent Gateway Mobile Location Based Services

iGMLC Benefits
  • The iGMLC can deploy and accommodate a broad range of technologies and networks.
  • It is a carrier-grade solution capable of handling current and high-volume location service demand.
  • It helps operators to standardize their hardware to overcome their dependencies on proprietary appliances or hardware.
  • It delivers the highest accuracy for identifying locations across all environments ranging from densely populated urban to uninhabited rural areas.
  • Compatible with virtualized as well as cloud-based deployments.
  • The Solution has interoperability with other vendors' GMLC and SMLC, allowing operators to expand as they grow.
Intelligent Gateway Mobile Location Based Services

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